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" We help our clients in acquire new customer, increase sales revenues,
retain customer’s base and build customer loyalty
by providing the following
telemarketing campaign management "

Customer Acquisition ‘Pre-Sale’
Intelligent8 focuses on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery to our clients in

  • Information Line
    ‘Information Line’ is an outsource
    information services for product information,
    service information, payment instruction,
    online purchase instruction,
    location direction, etc.
  • Direct Response Handling
    ‘Direct Response Handling’ is an inbound
    telemarketing service to answer calls
    and collect customer information from
    customers, responding to TV, print or
    online advertising.
  • Database Creation
    Good database means a better chance
    for selling. Telemarketing can be used to
    help cleansing available database by
    outbound call to update customer
    information for better segmentation.

    Telemarketing can also be used to create
    a new potential customer database by
    cold calling given name lists to find
    the relevancy of products or services.
  • Lead Generation and Qualification
    ‘Telemarketing Lead Generation’ is
    a powerful marketing tool used to qualify
    prospects, both Business-to-Business (B2B)
    and Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

    ‘Lead Generation’ effectively identify
    prospects and prioritize potential customers
    in terms of business opportunities.
    The lead Generation Acquisition
    Program could increase new customer
    base for better sale opportunity.
  • Traffic Generation and invitation
    Telemarketing can effectively be used to
    invite potential or targeted customer
    to seminars, trade shows, and special events.
    Outsource Traffic Generation keeps
    the sales persons focus on the core
    responsibilities of selling rather than
    distributing the invitation to the events.
  • Appointment Scheduling
    An important step of acquiring
    new customers is meeting in person or
    face to face meeting. Telemarketing can
    help making appointments with targeted
    customer which help save time
    for sale persons.

Customer Acquisition ‘Selling’

  • Telesales
    For certain product or service, Telemarketing is an effective selling channel. Telemarketing can directly reach decision makers, reach number of customers in a short period of time, shorten sale cycle, support customized offer. Professional Telemarketing provides quality control with voice recording to confirm the purchase, and analytic report.
  • Sale promotion
    Telemarketing is an effective way to inform promotion to target customers and induce purchase via 2-way communication.
  • Reservation
    Confirming reservation could be time consuming. Telemarketing service could help customer for better customer satisfaction.
  • Consultative sale
    For certain products and services that require specific information or explanation, Telemarketing would be helpful and cost-effective.

Customer Retention ‘Post Sale’

  • Welcome Call
    Good customer relations start with good first impression. Welcoming customer by personal calling is a better way to signal caring and to confirm or to ask additional information.
  • Reactivate
    Inactive customers or those who have tried the products or services are the highest potential source of revenue. Activating or reactivating by Telemarketing could help to induce purchase.
  • Repeat purchase
    Telemarketing could be used to reassure continue purchase of products or services.
  • Up-selling
    Personal persuasion through Telemarketing is helpful in convincing customer to purchase larger quantity of products or increase frequency of use of services.
  • Cross-selling
    For the same customer Telemarketing is an effective way to cross-selling other products and services that fit to the customer’s profile preference.

Customer Retention ‘Build Loyalty’

  • Customer satisfaction survey
    To understand and ensure customer satisfaction after purchase, a customer satisfaction survey by our Telemarketing Service is a time saving way to get feedback with proven voice file recording.
  • Customer care
    ‘Customer Care’ provides contact point for customer service or after sale service giving products or services information, as well as receiving complains.